Smokeless fuels are designed with the environment in mind, offering cleaner air for the same volume of fire. These fuels are not merely an option for people living in smoke control areas, but simply anyone who has a traditional fire within their home and wants to cut down on the amount of smoke it produces.


Natural Fuels

While smokeless fuels can be manufactured, they are also found naturally, such as the material anthracite, which has a carbon content as high as 98% in some cases. This high carbon percentage means the anthracite is full of less volatile material, meaning less smoke is produced upon burning. The manufactured forms of smokeless fuels are often based around this effective material, grinding it down into a fine powder. Manufacturers will then mould the dust into briquettes, allowing them to be used on stoves, open fires, BBQs, and even room heaters. The majority of high-quality anthracite is produced by Celtic Energy Ltd in South Wales, and the fuel itself is hard, shiny, and dense.


Environmentaly Friendly

Smokeless fuels grew in popularity just after the 1956 Clean Air Act, with cities and towns made to reduce the amount of smoke and increase the quality of air. This came after the Great Smog in London in 1952. To be classed as a smokeless fuel, it must produce under 5g of smoke per hour, and conform to the Clean Air Act. Smokeless fuels can burn up to 20% less CO2 than regular coal.


Additional Benefits of Smokeless Fuels

However, the benefits of smokeless fuel are not limited to environmental, as their burning efficiency is also greater than that of many regular fuels. There are also simpler household benefits, such as less ash to clean up once the fire has burned out, as there is a high carbon content. Smokeless fuels, such as anthracite, can provide up to 33.3% more heat than house coal, and burn for 40% longer too. Not only is this more efficient, but it is also cheaper in the long term for the user.


Why Choose Wilkinson Fuels?

We offer a wide range of products, delivered in sacks of 50kg or 25kg, including smokeless fuels. We deliver to South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and West Yorkshire. Our products include anthracite, with various sizes available, and smokeless ovoids. These are oval, anthracite-based, solid, smokeless fuels to be used on open fires, stoves, and other cookers. All of these are certified ‘smokeless’ fuels by the DEFRA/HETAS. They all also contain under 2% sulphur. Welsh Dry Steam is also available as a semi-smokeless alternative.