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Sheffield Coal Suppliers – Fuel Types

We offer a wide range of products for all your solid field needs. Delivered in 50kg open sacks or 25kg open sacks we deliver to South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and West Yorkshire. If you have any question concerning delivering to your area, any of our products or you would like to place an order please call.

Please see the variety of fuel types we have…

House Coal

House coal is a naturally occurring non-smokeless fuel available in 3 sizes.

High quality house coal has no more than 15% ash content and no more than 2% sulphur content, and must not be burnt in smokeless zones, unless it is burnt on an approved ‘smoke-eater’ appliance.

House coal is ideal for open fires, but may only be used on multi-fuel stoves and Rayburn-type cookers when recommended by the appliance manufacturer and when Smoke Control Regulations do not apply, unless the appliance is exempted by DEFRA.

House Coal production in England has virtually ceased, but house coal from Scotland is often available together with imported, high quality house coals from Poland and Columbia.

Smokeless Ovoids

Smokeless ovoids, sometimes referred to as smokeless ovals, are a smokeless anthracite based solid fuel for use on open fires and in multi-fuel stoves and selected other cookers.

All these fuels have to have a sulphur content of less than 2% and are authorized as ‘smokeless’ by DEFRA / HETAS

There are a number of smokeless fuel products available on the market, many of which are listed below. Please check with your coal merchant to ensure you order a suitable smokeless fuel for your multi fuel stove or other appliance.

Wood Fuels

There has been a great resurrgence in log burning as many people have had ‘multifuel’ stoves fitted, and most Approved Coal Merchants can now supply good quality logs and have the knowlege to be able to give their customers sound advise on how to burn firewood safely and efficiently.

Wood can be divided into two main categories ……… ‘Hardwood’ from deciduous trees and ‘Softwood’ from coniferous trees.

Hardwood logs are a lot denser than softwood logs, and give a much higher heat output …….. the heat content of softwood is almost half that of hardwood by volume, so you need twice as many softwood logs to produce the same amount of heat as hardwood logs.


Anthracite is a naturally occurring smokeless fuel – very shiny, hard and dense – extremely slow burning with high heat output.

Most quality anthracite is produced by Celtic Energy Ltd in South Wales, but there are also several private anthracite producers who supply fuel for the domestic market.

From time to time, anthracite from abroad is brought into the UK, but quality can vary greatly, so ask your Approved Coal Merchant for advice.

Various sizes of anthracite are available and the correct size should be selected for your appliance. A summary is provided below, but please check with us before ordering.

Welsh Dry Steam

Welsh Dry Steam is a naturally occurring semi-smokeless fuel – much softer than anthracite, but more clean-burning than house coal.

Usually used to ‘raise steam’ in railway engines, traction engines and steam-powered boats – also available for domestic use and offered in three sizes – Cobble / Large Nuts / Small Nuts under the trade name of ‘Gloda’ – produced at the Ffos-y-Fran Colliery in South Wales.

Best suited for closed appliances and Rayburn-type cookers, not AGA cookers.

Imported Boiler Fuel

Imported economy anthracites, usually in Small Nut size only, are also available – imported from countries such as Indonesia, South Africa, Vietnam and Russia.

These imported products are usually sold with trade names such as ‘Redfire’ or ‘Redflame’ .

Economy Non-smokeless Ovoids

Economy non-smokeless ovoids not approved as smokeless by either DEFRA or HETAS – generally used on open fires, multi-fuel stoves and suitable room heaters – must not be burnt in smoke-controlled areas, unless on an approved ‘smoke-eater’ appliance –  Always check with your coal merchant when ordering to ensure you use the right solid fuel for your appliance.

There are quite a few economy non-smokeless fuel products available on the market, several of which are listed below.